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I see you in every red headed boy.

That makes me feel better is fanfic. Lots and lots of fanfic.


My Dad woke up the whole family really early today and took us to Incredible Dave’s for the first time. We went in there, ate some pretty great food and then headed off to the arcade.
SO, my family decided to go to a game that is basically mini bowling. When it was my turn, I took the mini bowling ball AND IT FUCKING SLIPPED OUTTA MY HAND SO HARD IT FLEW ALLLLLLL THE WAY ACROSS THE FUCKING ARCADE! AND I ALMOST KILLED A CHILD. IT FLEW RIGHT BY HIS HEAD.EVERYONE SAW. EVERYYYYONE.

Cheering on my Cards!! #L1C4


hiney appreciation


Tom Hiddleston as The Great Escapo in Muppets Most Wanted [2x HQ]


This guy won the selfie game.





It’s not a squirrel. What is it?

It’s a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel


I like this new angle. 
You and this tight pants.

Good lord he looks like a giant with those long legs and long torso




that was the best pun ever excuse you


Pentaceraster (Oreasteridae), commonly known as Cushion sea star or Knobby star, is one of the most frequently encountered sea stars in shallow water areas of the Indo-Pacific. This one was photographed in Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Photo credit: ©Ülar Tikk